For the book readers among us, we host a weekly discussion of one of the books in the Outlander series.  We have a verra good time, come join in!

Outlander Central is honored to be asked to host #ReadABookor2 while Mrs. Fitz is awa' busy wi' "life."  We appreciate your vote of confidence, Mrs. Fitz!  (And that bloodthirsty Coo likes nailing ears in your absence!)

Remember that we're skipping Premiere weekend as the Wee Coo will be attending the Tartan Parade & festivities in NYC & it wouldna be the same wi' out her! 

Also, thanks to the great suggestion from Mrs. Fitz, we've decided to mark our discussion topic questions with the wonderful artwork by +Joanna Michalak "Both Sides Now"  When you see that picture - pay attention - that's our topic.  We've been having a wonderful time hosting and look forward to more interesting and lively discussions at #readabookor2 each Sunday.   

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