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Are you missing Jamie and Claire?  We do too!  While we wait (and wait, and wait) for the return of the Starz hit series, we invite our followers to come visit this page for a bit of relief from Droughtlander, version II.  We'll provide you with snippets of fun from Season One, have Trivia Contests and anything else we can think of or discover to amuse or intrigue. 

First things first, who didn't love "The Wedding" and in particular, this scene?  Could ye no' watch this for a time?  WE could! (and do...)

I think we can all relate.... 

Thanks to our friend @pellicott1 for this meme! 

Admit it...this is what you'll think of the next time you hear this song! :-)



Check out the entries from Karen Henry's Droughtlander Photo Contest at her site 
Outlandish Observations
(Personally, we like this one from Melissa B from  Melissa's Observations...lol)

"In my sensitive and thoughtful entry, I’ve imagined a boring evening at home with Jamie Fraser, my hair in curlers, our faithful dog by our side and his CPAP mask securely attached to his handsome face"


The casting on the Starz TV series is so perfect, is it no? Kath Powell has captured the beauty of the pictures from Starz, added her own special touch by painting them in Corel and she shares them with the fandom.  Kath's images are also puzzles.  Play here. http://myoutlanderart.com/puzzles  so you can spend hours piecing them together to see, these.  This is just a sample of what's there! 

I dinna know about you, but something in those eyes still gives me the chills! 

Kath also has a Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/Kath-Powells-Art-930617977003561/  where you can see more of her art.   

As always, our thanks to the fabulous and talented Heike Ginger Ba @Safer-Place on Twitter for allowing us to use her beautiful pictures.

Thanks to @gracesmom48 for this meme.  Pls visit her site at http://melissasobservations.com You'll be glad ye did!

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