Thursday, April 21, 2016

Outlander Clan Gathering Raises Funds for Bloodwise UK, World Child Cancer & Scottish Youth Theatre (& Throws a Damn Fine Party, too!)

Dateline:  April 9, 2016, St. Andrew's Bar (140 W 48th St.) in Times Square, New York, NY
The Event:  Outlander Clan Gathering Post-Parade Bash

We at Outlander Central want to give a huge shout out to Michelle Terrell (@mm42197) and Gina Hubbell (@rdnkgrl74) for all of their time and hard work planning the BEST post-Tartan Week Parade party of them all at St. Andrew’s Bar in NYC (St Andrew’s was AWESOME by the way…ye should definitely go there when you’re in NY…great food and drink and a FABULOUS staff!!).

I should know…I was lucky enough to be there!…

Our Fearless Leaders Gina and Michelle
"I met Michelle Thursday night for the first time at the Highland Divas concert and I'm so happy that I was able to become involved in this. Look at all the wonderful people I've met!" -Gina H.

Not only did our lovely lasses plan a great event, thanks to them. we all helped raise $640.00 EACH for Sam’s and Cait’s charities! (The one to World Child Cancer was even matched at 100%!)


  After all day in the cold and rain at the parade, we were all looking forward to a wee dram!

Of course, the good Scottish weather didn't dampen Sam's spirits!
When the list started to grow (and grow and grow!), inspiration hit and they decided to make and charge for wristbands as a way to identify the party goers AND  raise money for Bloodwise UK and World Child Cancer, Sam and Cait's charities.  

Then they thought,why not try to raise some money for Scottish Youth Theatre, too?  And so the "VIP Passes" were born and an additional $225.00 was raised for them!:

So, over all, some tidy sums were raised for charity AND we also had a fantastic time! Not only did Michelle get St Andrew's to reserve the entire second floor bar for our "wee" gathering, she also had them show the Outlander premier for us (and boy, did that bar get quiet at 9 pm!)

SHHHHH.......IT'S ON!!

As ye can see, a verra good time was had by all!

Jamie and Claire were there
Hey V and Kenny!

Dawn was dancing on the table... (no she wasn't...just kidding!)

Hey...isn't that Davie with our girls?

Many thanks to and the lasses at the party for the use of the photos 


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