Sunday, March 6, 2016

It Was A VERRA Good Day for Photographer Kristie De Garis

Kristie De Garis is a photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

In February, she was the verra lucky lass to photograph our Sam when he was at Edinburgh tailor Stewart Christie & Co ("The oldest bespoke tailors in Scotland. Est.1720") getting fitted for his new tweeds for Tartan Week NYC!  Many thanks, Kristie, from all of us crazy Outlander fans for sharing your beautiful photos of Sam! (Did ye use a tripod, lass?  We have no idea how ye kept your hands steady in 'the presence'!)

Here's what Ms. De Garis has to say in her blog, The Wild Air Photography:

"Late last week I found myself in the verra fortunate position of photographing Mr. Sam Heughan who plays Jamie Fraser in award winning Starz TV show, Outlander. I've long been a fan of the books and loved the first season of the TV show so it was pretty great to meet one of the main actors in person. The story lines that have been tackled are sometimes very difficult and I'm genuinely impressed with the team behind Outlander for facing them head on and casting actors capable of doing them justice. #bigfan

Sam was being measured for a bespoke suit by Dan Fearn and Vixy Rae (owners and designers at Stewart Christie) that he would wear for future red carpet engagements. Sam is about to embark on a world press tour so we were lucky to grab some time with him before he left for Japan. Vixy will be hand delivering the finished three piece tweed suit to Sam during NYC Tartan Week where Sam has been chosen to be Grand Marshal of the 2016 New York Tartan Day Parade. For info on the parade and events please visit the linked website or the NYC Tartan Week Twitter or facebook. Stewart Christie have an interview with Sam up on their blog right now too.

My first thought upon meeting Mr. Heughan was 'Do we have a step ladder?' because at 6,3 he is quite a tall laddie. I love that Outlander is partially set around the time that Stewart Christie was established (1720) and seeing 'Jamie Fraser'  walking into this shop was pretty fantastic. Except this time a tshirt, jeans and leather jacket in place of the eight feet of tartan.

Sam was very chatty, easy to talk to and easy to work with. All in all a great day with a lovely guy who was very helpful, very humble and very photogenic. Stewart Christie team were fantastic as always.

Below are some Images from the day."

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