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‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Reveals The Secrets Behind His Sexy Body And The Most Challenging Part Of Playing Jamie Fraser

By Perry Carpenter, Inquisitr

Staying fit for a role is just one of the many aspects of being an actor. For Outlander’s Sam Heughan, keeping in top shape is pivotal for his part as highlander Jamie Fraser in the popular series. With that in mind, Heughan recently shared how he manages to stay fit and what his most challenging stunt on the show has been so far.

In an interview with Box Magazine, Heughan revealed that he trains just about every day for his role in Outlander. In fact, the actor explained how he has his own equipment on set, although it is a far cry from a typical gym.

“So we built a gym in the studio, and at first it was really basic,” Heughan stated. “We had one bar, a set of plates, a TRX and I think a rower. That’s all we had, and I was on my own in there. I just smashed it out every evening after work.”

Although many fans might expect some of the scenes on the show to be tiring for the actor, Heughan went on to explain how his training regime makes it easy. In particular, the Outlander hunk conditions himself for anything the series might throw his way.

Sam Heughan’s hard work has paid off – he and Caitriona Balfe were recently crowned the ‘Sexiest Scenes of 2015

“Any of the physical stuff we do on set, a lot of the sword-fighting, I just feel very agile and strong and I don’t feel I’m ever challenged,” he said. “And I think that’s definitely down to the conditioning that we do and a lot of long hours.”

In addition to the interview, Heughan also took the time to snap a photo with the fitness magazine. The image was posted to Twitter and features Heughan shirtless next to a barbell.

“What’ve we been doing in Scotland?” the caption for the photo reads. “Talking barbells (and other things) with @SamHeughan, @F1ghtCamp & @BearStrenght!”

While fans are probably not surprised at Sam Heughan’s level of fitness, they might find what he considers to be his most challenging Outlander stunt to date interesting. According to Scotland Now, it has nothing to do with sword fighting or horseback riding.

“My most challenging Outlander stunt? Speaking Gaelic!” Heughan shared. “Speaking French in season two is another one.”

The highly anticipated second season of Outlander will feature Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) making their way to Paris, France. While the couple will have a number of different challenges to face while infiltrating the upper class of French society, a new wardrobe is just one of the many changes coming to the new season of Outlander.

According to the Radio Times, fans were recently treated to a first glimpse at how Jamie and Claire will look in the coming season. Unfortunately, fans will not see a whole lot of tartans in Season 2. Instead, the two have ditched their traditional Scottish garments and are set to wear a few fancier outfits in Season 2.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser and Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh in season 2 of ‘Outlander.’ [Image via Starz]

In the released photo, Jamie and Claire are seen posing together in their brand new getups. For Jaime, this includes a proper blue coat and no kilt. At the same time, Claire is wearing an elaborate dress in the image, complete with matching gloves and elaborate hat.

In speaking about the change in costumes for Season 2, Terry Dresbach recently told Entertainment Weekly that fans can expect a significant change from the first season. In fact, not only did the designer reveal that every costume is meticulously detailed but that they had “over 10,000” unique items, including “5,000 shoes.” Incredibly, that is over 2,500 different pairs for the characters.

The second season of Outlander is set to air on April 9th, 2016.

Tell us! Are ready for the return of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe when Season 2 of Outlander premieres in April? Let us know in the comments below.

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'Outlander' Season 2 Cast Members Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin Brush Up on Frasers' History

By Sachin Trivedi International Business Times

“Outlander” Season 2 cast members Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin visited the Wardlaw Mausoleum in Scotland to learn about the history of the Fraser family. They also visited the final resting place of Simon Fraser of Lovat.

Skelton (Brianna) posted a picture of her visiting the Mausoleum on her official Twitter page. The three pictures she posted online show her with fellow cast member Rankin (Roger Wakefield) visiting the final resting place of Lord Lovat, also known as the Old Fox in the TV series.

Credit: Twitter/ Sophie Skelton

The Wardlaw Mausoleum also posted a few pictures of the cast members’ visit. “The Old Fox’s Great Granddaughter Bree and her husband Roger paying their respects!” one of the tweets on the Mausoleum’s Twitter page read. “Bree and Roger brushing up on their Fraser history…” Skelton wrote in her tweet.

The Old Fox's Great Granddaughter Bree and her husband Roger paying their respects!

Some of the fans of the franchise have described the Old Fox’s final resting place as a “must visit” for any fan of the show or the book series on which it is based on. Many of the fans have been travelling to Scotland to see where the scenes for “Outlander” Season 1 were filmed and learn about the history of their beloved characters.

“We were delighted to have @RikRankin at the mausoleum today,” the Wardlaw Mausoleum wrote in a tweet. The actor was doing background research for his role in the next season of the show. This suggests that there is still some more filming that needs to be done for the next season.

We were delighted to have at the mausoleum today. He was doing background research for his Outlander role

Credit: Twitter/Wardlaw Mausoleum
"Outlander" Season 2 slated to premiere sometime in April 2016. The producers have so far not given an exact air date. A trailer of the next season has already been released, along with pictures of the cast members in their new costumes in France. Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) will be travelling to France in the next season to try and stop the Jacobite Rebellion.

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Rosie Day Exclusive Interview

by Helen Earnshaw, Female First

Rosie Day in All Roads Lead To Rome 

Rosie Day is one of the British actresses to keep an eye on this year as she has a string of film and television projects on the horizon in 2016.

She is set to return to the big screen with All Roads Lead to Rome, which sees her team up with actress Sarah Jessica Parker for the first time.

We caught up with Rosie to chat about the film, her new role in TV series Outlander and her directing ambitions.

- You are about to return to the big screen with new film All Roads Lead to Rome, so can you tell me a bit about the film?

All Roads Lead to Rome is about a mother and daughter from New York who decide to go on holiday to Italy because the daughter has got in a bit of trouble. They go on this road trip through Italy. On the trip, the mother bumps into an old flame and, whilst seeing him, the daughter steals a car and tries to get back to the airport with the old flame's mother. This teenage girl and this grandma have escaped and are driving across Rome to get to the airport with the mother and the old lover chasing them. It is very much about that journey.

- The movie sees you take on the role of Summer, so what was it about this character the script that was the major appeal for you?

When I first heard about it, I knew it was to play Sarah Jessica Parker's daughter, I initially went 'I am never going to get that because I look nothing like her.' I just thought that it was never going to happen.

Summer is a very smart and sarcastic girl who is very bright for her age but troublesome at the same time; that is what drew me to her. I thought that she was a really cool character - this was before I knew that I was going to have to dye my hair pink (laughs). When I got told that I had been offered the role, I swore at my agent because I couldn't believe it.

- Can you talk about Summer and how we are going to see her develop throughout the film and the development of this mother and daughter relationship?

When you first meet her, she is a typical annoyed and moody teenage that has been taken somewhere that she does not want to be. She hates and resents her mother for taking her away.

As she goes on this journey with this old lady, she realises that her mum has only been trying to protect her, her behaviour is the cause of all this trouble, and it is her own fault that she is in this position. She changes and realises that her mum does really love her and becomes a much nicer person by the end of the film.

- The movie sees Ella Lemhagen in the director's chair, so how did you find working with her?

She is the loveliest women ever. Summer's style and some of Summer's ways are based on her daughter - who is a similar age to me - and it was really cool to get to play that out. Getting to work with a female director is brilliant because there are not too many of them. She was really really great and it was a lot of fun with her and Sarah Jessica Parker to make this girl film, which was really cool.

- You have slightly touched on my next question. This is a project that has a female director, female leads and a female-driven story, how often do you come across that when you are reading scripts?

Not enough, not enough. Female film directors are so hard to come by because they are not given the same opportunities that men are, which is terrible. When I knew that it was a female director, I knew that this project was in great hands. It was so lovely... I love male directors as well but it was just so lovely to get to work with a woman. She is a mum of three kids and is a really inspiring woman.

- How collaborative a filmmaker was she? How open was she to you bringing you own ideas to characters and scenes?

Yes, completely. She is from Sweden and although she says that her English isn't perfect, it pretty much is. But if I wanted to change a line or I didn't think that Summer would do something like that, she was totally up for that and incredibly collaborative.

She wasn't precious about the script, which is always really nice. Having my hair dyed pink was her idea but I really did love it because I was a big fan of Avril Lavigne growing up and I had always wanted pink hair. I was more than happy to oblige and do that.

- Sarah Jessica Parker leads the cast list how did you find the experience of working with her? There are some great moments between the pair of you.

She is like my American mum. She is just the loveliest human being, so normal and was just great on set. She is a brilliant actress to work with and we had the best time running around Rome together. It was really really special.

- Away from the film, we are also going to be seeing you take on the role of Mary Hawkins in Outlander Season 2, so can you tell us a bit about the role and where she is going to fit in?

That is completely different to the film. Mary is very sweet, innocent, and shy fifteen-year-old. Jamie and Claire - the central characters - go to Paris where they discover that she is being sold into an arranged marriage and needs help getting out of it. Claire adopts her and takes her under her wing.

From that moment, you see her develop from a very stuttery and shy little girl into a woman over the course of the series; it was really lovely to play. The series is full of romance, war, and torment; it is very dramatic but it is great.

- Outlander has been such a huge success, so how have you found stepping into the show?

I have loved it. I have been friends with Sam Heughan, the lead actor, for years and it was really lovely to go onto a set where I already had a mate. It was such a lovely set; we filmed in Scotland.

It has been such a great thing to be part of. It has American showrunners and they are all over here, but it still feels like quite British. The scripts were so great. I haven't seen any of it yet, so I am excited to see a bit.

- You have also completed work on film projects Heretiks and Butterfly Kisses can you tell me a bit about those projects?

Butterfly Kisses is a BBC Film and follows a group of teenagers at the age of around fifteen; it is at that time when you discover that life isn't innocent and you realise that people aren't all good. It is about these five teenagers on this estate who come to realise this over the course of a week. It is very dark and about the development of sexuality. Essentially, it is about growing up and that moment when you step into adulthood. That is very edgy and dark.

Heretiks is a horror film that I made with my best friend Paul Hyett, who is a director. It is set in a nun's convent in the 17th Century and, in one way or another, they get possessed. It is a psychological thriller with a lot of blood. Hannah Arterton, who is Gemma Arterton's sister, is the lead in it and we filmed in Wales for a month before Christmas. Horrors are good fun to do because they are quite silly to film.

- During your career, we have seen you move between television, film and theatre, so how do you find moving between the different mediums and how do they compare?

I love all three of them. TV and film are very similar but, when doing a film, you have more creative leeway with what you want to do and you have more time; TV is done on a schedule and lots of people have involvement and say in it.

On film, you get a lot more creativity with your character. Theatre is just the best because the audience is there, whatever happens on that night happens and there's no rewind button. I love all three of them equally and I hope to continue to do all three.

- Back in 2014, we saw you move into the director's chair with short film Girl to Girl. How much is the director's chair an interest you and do you have any directing projects in the pipeline?

I do. I am developing a short film and a feature film with the company that I did Butterfly Kisses with. I am hoping to do the short film with them this year. It is interesting because I have spent so many years acting and watched so many directors that I really do want to have a go.

There are not enough female directors either and I would love to give it a shot - who knows if I will be any good at it (laughs). It is definitely something that interests me.

- How did you experience as an actress help you make that transition into the director's chair?

I think it helps because I know how to talk to actors, as I have spent my whole life with them; that is the emotional side of it. Technically, I know that I have a lot to learn. When you are on set acting, you don't pay that much attention to what everyone else is doing (laughs). It is something that I would like to explore as I get older.

- Finally, what's next for you?

We finished Outlander on Friday and I have been working on that for ten months. It is a case of seeing what I want to do next really because I haven't really decided. I would quite like to do a play because I haven't done one in a while.

I have got other things coming out but I don't know what I want to go on to. I am going to America next week, so I will see how it is out there. I will just see what happens, I guess.

All Roads Lead To Rome is available on digital platforms now and on DVD from the 29th February, 2016 courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

What NOT to do During Tartan Week NYC 2016!

Scottish Bartenders Stop Wearing Kilts Because Women Won’t Stop Groping Them
By Stefan Sirucek, Death and Taxes

A group of bartenders at a pub in Scotland has gone on a kilt-strike, refusing to wear the traditional tartan skirt because women won’t stop groping them and peeking under the hood. In addition to lifting up their kilts to see if they’re wearing underwear, rowdy female patrons have allegedly groped the bartenders on their genitals.

It seems the employees of the excellently-named Hootananny pub in Inverness, Scotland, have just about had it with harassment from the aggressive skirt-chasers. Take it easy, ladies. This isn’t O’Nutters. Hootananny’s is a place for appreciating Celtic music and drink, not Celtic ballsacks.

According to assistant manager Iain Howie, the hordes of rowdy women think nothing of lifting a barkeep’s kilt in order to see just how Scottish he is — in other words whether he goes commando sub-kilt. As he told the Inverness Courier (via Yahoo):

”You get large groups of drinking women circling around when you are collecting glasses and asking whether you are true Scotsman – and they find out for themselves.”

According to Howie, the first few times it’s “funny,” but the unwanted kilt-lifting quickly makes the employees feel vulnerable.

The bar’s owner, Kit Fraser, was less forgiving, calling the behavior “pure sexism.”

“Can you imagine if I went into a restaurant and stuck my hand up a girl’s skirt? I would be taken to the police station and rightly so,” said Fraser.
 “I look after my customers but equally important are my staff.”

Like any good boss, Fraser is looking out for his staff (as well as their staves). And he makes a good point. Were the genders reversed these public gropings wouldn’t be seen as harmless flirtation but as obvious sexual assault.

Commenting on the story, Reddit users shared similar tales of kilt-related overreach that suggests such harassment may be a common occurrence for kilt-wearers. According to one:

“I never go true [“commando”, presumably] in my kilt, anymore, for the very reason that women and children check. The most recent incident was a woman at a beer festival who lifted my kilt very high near the bathroom line. When I objected, she said, “It’s OK. I always check.”
 Well thanks to these handsy women the dream of being served beer and chips by a man in a skirt is over.  You brought this on yourselves, ladies. You could have gawked at shapely Scottish calves all day long but you had to go and ruin it.

Prepare for a world of pants.


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Inside the Wild, Sexy World of Outlander

By Lynette Rice, Entertainment Weekly

Image Credit: MARC HOM for EW

Sex, rugs and rolls in the hay! It’s the time-traveling epic that turned on a nation. As Starz’s hit drama Outlander returns for season 2, EW is pulling back the curtain on all the steamy twists and surprise turns ahead.

Sam Heughan doesn’t like to let down the fans.

But the hunky star of Outlander – Starz’s hit series that returns April 9 – always feels like he’s the bearer of bad news when he has to remind folks of the fact that he and his onscreen wife, Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser), aren’t an item in real life.

“I think there was a little bit of upset by some fans,” Heughan admits to EW. “It slightly saddens me but I guess it means that we’ve done a good job.”

You bet your woolly kilt it does. Anticipation is high for the second season of the drama that’s based on Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling book series about a WW2 combat nurse (Claire) who travels back to 18th Century Scotland and falls hard for a rugged Highlander (Heughan). That’s why EW has devoted its next cover – and eight scoop-filled pages – to the sexy series from executive producer Ronald D. Moore

Besides lots of juicy hints about the upcoming season – is Black Jack Randall dead or what? – the cover story also delves into the show’s newest members and the challenge of adapting Gabaldon’s addictive novels for the small screen. We even have an exclusive excerpt from Gabaldon’s ninth book!

So what makes the drama, which attracted more than five million multiplatform viewers per episode, such a kilty pleasure for fans? While the network and Moore would like to tout the show’s heady and historically accurate content, most fans point to the fantastic chemistry between Heughan and Balfe. 

“We’ve had to get very close so we do trust each other very implicitly,” explains Heughan. “We’re very lucky that we do have that trust and it comes across to the screen, I guess.” 

Keep scrolling down for some gorgeous S2 pics from EW!

EW exclusive interview: what's coming inSeason 2!!

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How Will Jamie Fraser Get Back to Being "the Man He Wants to Be"?

By:Megan Vick,

Outlander's first season ended on a dark note, with Black Jack (Tobias Menzies) torturing and raping hero Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughhan) before Claire (Caitriona Balfe) could come to his rescue. Jamie and Claire will still feel the effects of the brutal attack as they arrive in France at the start of Season 2.

"There's definitely still some mental trauma there. The physical side he can heal. It's not modern-day life, so there isn't a psychologist he can talk to," Heughan tells "He did something that was out of his control. He betrayed Claire and he feels guilty about that. He feels that he can't be the husband or the man that he wants to be. He needs some sort of reconciliation."

How he'll get that reconciliation remains to be seen, but it may come at a cost. And it won't be a painless journey for Claire either. "If you watch someone that you love go through something as horrific and traumatic as that, it can't help but affect you; the empathy that you would feel for the person that you love and the guilt as well, because you wish that you could take away their pain and you can't. I think Claire somehow feels responsible in some ways for Jamie being in that situation," Balfe explains.

That guilt will lead to Claire playing a very active role in helping Jamie rebuild his life. There's a baby on the way to bring them hope, but Claire comes up with a more immediate plan to help them get past everything that happened. "She also takes this idea of giving him a mission as something that will help him heal and take his mind off what he'd gone through," Balfe says. "We see her really being this champion of this idea that they are really going to change the future. It gives him something to get up for."

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'Outlander' Season 2: First Look at 5 New Character Portraits (and a few old ones!)

By: Carrie Bell,

We momentarily interrupt your repeat viewing of Sam Heughan-sans-clothes GIFs with some good news: With only 45 days left until the Frasers take on France and trade plaid for powdered wigs on the Season 2 premiere of Outlander, Yahoo TV has five exclusive never-seen-before portraits of some important Parisian players to share.

Take a first look at some of the City of Lights residents (and the actors who portray them in their finest French Court-ready costumes) who will play important parts in Claire and Jamie’s attempt to change the past in order to save the future by infiltrating the Jacobite rebellion.

Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins

Claire also meets Mary Hawkins (Rosie Day, The Seasoning House) in de Rohan’s salon. She is a sweet, young Englishwoman with a slight stutter who, as the daughter of a baronet and the niece of another important merchant, has been sent to live in France and who has been promised to a very old French nobleman in a power play by her elders. (Credit: Jason Bell/Starz)

Andrew Gower as Prince Charles Stuart

Our heroes will spend plenty of time rubbing elbows with royals. Prince Charles Stuart is played by Brit Andrew Gower (A.D. The Bible Continues, Being Human). Stuart, the exiled Catholic royal dynasty heir and leader of the Jacobites, keeps busy with drink, dames and devising plans to retake his throne no matter what the cost. (Credit: Jason Bell/Starz)

Stanley Weber as Le Comte St. Germain

Claire’s medical knowledge and tendency to meddle gets her started off on the wrong foot with another Court member, wine merchant Le Comte St. Germain (Stanley Weber), who is also based on a real person. Shortly after landing in France, Claire costs him an entire shipload of goods when she very vocally diagnoses several crew members with small pox and she may very well have made an enemy for life. (Credit: Jason Bell/Starz)

Claire Sermonne as Louise de Rohan

Claire becomes besties with Louise de Rohan (Claire Sermonne) despite the fact that de Rohan comes from a world of privilege. She is an animated and frivolous member of the French Court who historically had an affair with Stuart and in the novel has a pet monkey who dislikes her Bonnie prince beau.  (Credit: Jason Bell/Starz)

Lionel Lingelser as Louis XV

Louis XV (Lionel Lingelser), the King of France, also has an insatiable thirst for power, politics, and ladies. He is used to getting everything he desires and easily grows bored of people and things he no longer sees use in. (Credit: Jason Bell/Starz)

Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser

Arriving in France with a mission to infiltrate the Jacobite movement, Claire is determined to alter the course of history, save the highlander people, and secure a future for the child she carries.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser

Haunted by a violent past and outlawed in his native Scotland, Jamie Fraser establishes a new life in France with a mission: to stop Prince Charles and the Jacobite Uprising.

Tobias Menzies as Frank Randall

Claire's husband in the 20th Century. An intellectual and academic, Frank is also a loyal husband (blog editor's snarky note: Hardly!) who is willing to stretch the realm of scientific possibilities in order to find his missing wife.

Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh

The gruff but ever-loyal highlander travels with Jamie and Claire to France. Charged by a promise to Jamie's mother, he offers protection and kinship to the couple in trying times