Monday, December 14, 2015

Outlander Central's Top Five Reasons Why Rik Rankin is the Perfect Roger Wakefield MacKenzie

Scottish Actor Richard (Rik) Rankin Cast as Roger Mac!!!

By J. Hines, Outlander Central

I can't tell you how excited I was to hear the news today that Rik Rankin, one of my favorite actors, will be playing Roger Wakefield MacKenzie, one of my verra favorite characters, in the Outlander Series!!  As some of you know from the Twitter feed, I've been, not-so-secretly lobbying for Rik to play Roger for months, along with the fabulous gals behind @RRankins_Brows and @RRankinFans (The Rank and File)...It's easy to bond over Rik Rankin, ye ken? (Ye should all be following them, by the way!)

So, without further ado, I give you

Outlander Central's Top 5 Reasons that Rik IS Roger:

1.  He's a REALLY good actor (check him out as Captain Thomas Gillan in The Crimson Field on PBS.  I have to admit, I was NOT happy when TCF was not picked up for another was a fantastic show. However, today's news more than makes up for it!). 'Nuf said.

2.  He can sing!!  A verra important quality in our Roger Mac!  Here he is singing a song called Autumn by Paolo Nutini.  (Many thanks to The Rank and File and Soundcloud for the link!)

3.  He's a SCOT! (Not just someone who plays one on TV)

4.  He's wicked funny!

5.  Um...look at him! JHRC, those eyes (and Brows!)...might even give Mr. Heughan a run for his money!  Best of all?  He looks damn fine in a kilt! (stop it...we saw ye trying to peek, ye wee fiends!)

Welcome to the Outlander Fanmily, Rik!  It's a crazy place, but we think ye'll like it, lad!

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