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For Your Christmas Reading Pleasure: the Answers to our 1st Annual 12 Days of Outlander Trivia Contest!


Thanks to all of you who played along with us during our 1st annual 12 Days of Outlander Trivia Contest!

It was a lot of fun to do, and judging by the wonderful response we got, you all enjoyed it, too.  We hope ye all learned a thing or two that ye didna know before...we certainly did!   (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD IN THESE ANSWERS.  IF YE HAVENA READ ALL THE BOOKS AND DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, STOP NOW)

We will announce the winner of our Grand Prize tomorrow, Dec. 26th at 11 pm EST, 8 PM PST

1. During WWII, Frank meets a distant relative of Jamie's. Who is it?

During his time in the British Secret Service, Frank encounters Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, better known as Simon Fraser, The 15th Lord Lovat 

Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat (b. 9 July 1911 in Beaufort Castle, Inverness, Scotland – d. 16 March 1995 in Beauly, Inverness-shire, Scotland) was the 25th Chief of the Clan Fraser of Lovat and a prominent British Commando during the Second World War. His friends called him "Shimi" Lovat, an anglicised version of his name in the Scottish Gaelic language. His clan referred to him as MacShimidh, his Gaelic patronym, meaning Son of Simon. Simon is the favoured family name for the Chiefs of Clan Fraser. While the 15th Lord de jure, he was the 17th Lord Lovat de facto, but for the attainder of his Jacobite ancestor who was executed in 1747. He was also 4th Baron Lovat in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. (source: Wikipedia)

*In fairness, since we didn't specify "blood relative" we gave half credit to those of you who answered Jerry MacKenzie, Roger's father, Jamie's relative by marriage.

2. There are several sets of twins in the book series. Name two of them (last names are fine). 

Josiah & Keziah Beardsley

William and Robert Murchison (aka Wee Billy and Wee Bobby)

Janet and Michael Murray

David and Daniel Rawling

Some of you were verra industrious and came up with several other sets of twins, but these were the 4 sets that we were thinking of.  If you gave us any two sets of twins, we accepted those answers.  

3.What does Jamie give Claire as a wedding present on the first day after their marriage ceremony (be specific!)? 

A 14 inch trout!

"There was a sudden explosion of motion. Everything happened so fast I couldn’t see what actually did take place. There was a heavy splatter of water that sluiced across the rock an inch from my face, and a flurry of plaid as Jamie rolled across the rock above me, and a heavy splat as the fish’s body sailed through the air and struck the leaf-strewn bank.

Jamie surged off the ledge and into the shallows of the side pool, splashing across to retrieve his prize before the stunned fish could succeed in flapping its way back to the sanctuary of the water. Seizing it by the tail, he slapped it expertly against a rock, killing it at once, then waded back to show it to me.

“A good size,” he said proudly, holding out a solid fourteen-incher. “Do nicely for breakfast.” He grinned up at me, wet to the thighs, hair hanging in his face, shirt splotched with water and dead leaves. “I told you I’d not let ye go hungry.”

He wrapped the trout in layers of burdock leaves and cool mud. Then he rinsed his fingers in the cold water of the burn, and clambering up onto the rock, handed me the neatly wrapped parcel.

“An odd wedding present, may be,” he nodded at the trout, “but not without precedent, as Ned Gowan might say.”

“There are precedents for giving a new wife a fish?” I asked, entertained.

He stripped off his stockings to dry and laid them on the rock to lie in the sun. His long bare toes wiggled in enjoyment of the warmth.

“It’s an old love song, from the Isles. D’ye want to hear it?”

“Yes, of course. Er, in English, if you can,” I added.

“Oh, aye. I’ve no voice for music, but I’ll give you the words.” And fingering the hair back out of his eyes, he recited,

“Thou daughter of the King of bright-lit mansions
On the night that our wedding is on us,
If living man I be in Duntulm,
I will go bounding to thee with gifts.
Thou wilt get a hundred badgers, dwellers in banks,
A hundred brown otters, natives of streams,
A hundred silver trout, rising from their pools…”

And on through a remarkable list of the flora and fauna of the Isles. I had time, watching him declaim, to reflect on the oddity of sitting on a rock in a Scottish pool, listening to Gaelic love songs, with a large dead fish in my lap. And the greater oddity that I was enjoying myself very much indeed.

When he finished, I applauded, keeping hold of the trout by gripping it between my knees.

“Oh, I like that one! Especially the ‘I will go bounding to thee with gifts.’ He sounds a most enthusiastic lover.”

Eyes closed against the sun, Jamie laughed. “I suppose I could add a line for myself—‘I will leap into pools for thy sake.’ ”

4. Dougal MacKenzie has 4 children. What are their names?

Dougal had 4 (legitimate) children with his wife, Maura:

Molly, Tabitha ("Tibby"), Margaret & Eleanor

He also had two illegitimate children (that we know of): Hamish MacKenzie (with his sister-in-law Letitia) and William Buccleigh MacKenzie (with Geillis Duncan)

*Since we didna specify legitimate vs illegitimate in the question, we accepted any 4 of the 6 and gave bonus points if ye gave us all 6!

5. When trying to describe Claire to Jocasta, to what or whom does Phaedra compare her?

Print by Carol Cavalaris

Phaedra describes Claire to Jocasta, who is blind, as a "tiger with those big whisky eyes" from an illustration she saw in a book.

6. Brianna has a birthmark. What does it look like and where is it located on her body?

Brianna's birthmark is "...a wee brown mark, shaped like a diamond. Just behind her left ear."

No, we dinna have inside info! No confirmation yet if Amber Skye Noyes has been cast as Brianna (we just like the look of this lass for Brianna!)

7. Jamie has a son,Willie. What is his full name (careful...we're looking for ALL of his names!)?

Lord William Clarence Henry George Ransom, Viscount Dunsany, Viscount Ashness, Baron Derwent, 9th Earl of Ellesmere.  

Bonus point if you also gave us his "stinking papist" baptismal name given to him by Jamie: William James 

8. Who is Jem’s father and how was his paternity determined?

Roger is Jem's father, which was proven definitively when Jem showed that he was unable to "roll" his tongue (in The Fiery Cross). Claire is explaining about dominant and recessive genes.  Both she and Jamie can roll their tongues, but they passed the recessive gene to Bree, who cannot.  Likewise, Roger has only the recessive "tongue-rolling" gene, because he cannot do it either.  Therefore, since Jem could only get the recessive genes for this from his parents, if he CAN do it, then Roger could not possibly be Jem's father.  

Ye dinna have to be a wizard like Harry Potter to roll yer tongue

Most of you answered that both Roger and Jem could "hear the stones" or that both had nearly identical birthmarks on their heads.  Both of these things are indicative of paternity, but not definitive genetic proof.  (We know, this was a tough one...we gave ye partial credit for the other answers!)

Here is part of the passage:

"Roger looked up at Bree, and something seemed to pass through the air between them.  He reached down and took hold of Jem's other hand, momentarily interrupting his song.

"So, a bhalaich, can ye do it, then?"

"Frère <he's singing Frere Jacques here> whats?"

"Look at Grand-da," Roger nodded at Jamie, who took a deep breath and quickly put out his tongue, rolled into a cylinder.

"Can ye do that?" Roger asked

"Chure." Jenny beamed and put out his tongue. Flat. "Bleah!"

A collective sigh gusted through the room..."

Then there's a hilarious scene involving balls (testicles) between Jamie, Roger and Jem, which ye all must read!

9. At what university did Brianna get her degree and what was her field of study? (Be specific, please!)
Brianna received her degree in Mechanical Engineering from M.I.T. (after changing her original major, history).

10. What do Roger and Bree find in 1968 that contains Claire’s signature from the 18th Century? Bonus if you can tell us what it was used for.

The Deed of Sasine. This document deeds ownership of Lallybroch from Jamie (JAMMF) to Jamie Murray (Young Jamie), a minor, in order to protect  it from seizure by the English.  It is pre-dated to July 1745, before Jamie's (forged) signature appeared on the Charles Stuart declaration which marked Jamie as a Jacobite supporter of the Bonny Prince, and thus branded him as a traitor in the eyes of the English.  As such, any property he owned would be subject to forfeiture to the Crown.  It is signed by  Jamie,  and witnessed by Claire and Murtagh, whose signatures also appear on it.

11. How many times was Geillis married (that we know of)? (Bonus points for each husband you can name and cause of death).

Geillis mentions being married 5 times (although, knowing her, it could have been more);

In 1968 she was know as Gillian Edgars, married to Greg Edgars, whose throat she cuts and then sets on fire at Craigh na Dun (so she has both a blood and a fire sacrifice, which she believes is necessary to travel through the stones).

She arrives in the past in 1733. Before arriving in Cranesmuir, she is known under the last name of Isbister.  We don't know for sure if she was married to Mr. Isbister, but he did end up hanging from a tree.  Ye can draw your own conclusions...

In Cranesmuir, she marries Arthur Duncan, the town fiscal.  She has an affair with Dougal Mackenzie, who shares her Jacobite sympathies.  She is slowly poisoning Arthur to get him out of the picture, but speeds up the process with saltpetre when he discovers that she is pregnant...and not by him.

She is rescued from burning after the witch trial by Dougal, who helps her escape to France after she gives birth to their child, William Buccleigh Mackenzie.  While in France, she is known as Lady Melisande Robicheaux. Again, we don't know for sure if she just took that name to hide her identity or if she married someone named Robicheaux.  We do know that she had a "relationship" with the Comte St. Germain, but they never married.

She later traveled to Jamaica, where she married Barnabas Abernathy, who later died 'under mysterious circumstances" (poisoning was the suspected cause of death).

Here's a wee bit of food for thought relating to the fascinating topic of Geillis: Does anyone else think that Claire's friend Dr. Joe Abernathy was a possible descendant of one of Geillis' plantation slaves at Rose Hall in Jamaica?  It was common practice for slaves to be "given" their owners names. And, it's also curious that Geillis' skeleton is brought to Joe and Claire (in 1968) in Voyager for them to examine by the guy from the Anthropology department.  Claire "knows" what happened to the woman behind the skeleton, but she doesn't realize it's Geillis because it hadn't happened yet (at least not when Claire was present). DG!! You're making our wee heads spin!

12. What does Jamie find on the land that will become Fraser’s Ridge that he takes as a good omen? Bonus if you can tell us why he thinks that!

Strawberries, emblem of Clan Fraser.

In Drums of Autumn, he tell Claire:

“The Frasers’, I mean,” he explained. One large, blunt finger gently prodded the berry. 

“Strawberries ha’ always been the emblem of the clan—it’s what the name meant, to start with, when a Monsieur Fréselière came across from France wi’ King William that was—and took hold of land in the Scottish mountains for his trouble.”...

It’s a rare plant,” he said, touching the sprig in my open hand. “Flowers, fruit and leaves all together at the one time. The white flowers are for honor, and red fruit for courage—and the green leaves are for constancy.”...

“And the fruit is the shape of a heart,” he said softly, and bent to kiss me.

And finally, a 5 point extra Bonus Question (just for fun):What is the BEST kind of Christmas Tree?

A Fraser Fir, of course! 

(but we gave bonus points for all of the lovely answers we received for this question!)


Fraser Fir Christmas Tree in the Banquet Hall at Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

Fraser Firs in the Tapestry Gallery at Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

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