Saturday, November 14, 2015

Outlander's Ron D. Moore Reveals the Biggest Challenge About Filming in Scotland

By Scotland Now

OUTLANDER executive producer Ron D. Moore opened up about the issues the show's cast and crew have faced during filming in Scotland.

Tough conditions on the set of Outlander

SCOTLAND is renown for it's four seasons a day weather and it can often be challenging for those who live in the country.

So just consider how difficult the conditions are when trying to film an epic TV drama on location here.

Outlander executive producer Ron D. Moore revealed the weather is the biggest challenge the cast and crew have found about filming in Scotland.

But the show's viewers will agree that the performances have been nothing short of spectacular, and Scotland's scenery has offered a glorious backdrop to the story.

In a recent interview with BBC Scotland, Ron opened up about the issues the crew have faced during filming.

He said: "The biggest challenge of filming here is the weather, especially for a show like ours, we're out on location quite a bit so the crew is out in the wilderness all the time. It's hard on the cast.

Producer Ronald D. Moore

"It's raining, it's a lot of cold, it's a lot of wind, it's a lot of late nights walking around in mud. I don't have to do these jobs but our camera crew is hauling equipment up, sometimes snowy, but often muddy banks and it's difficult and very challenging."

But Ron revealed the positives about Scotland far outweigh the small negatives about the weather.

He added: "Outside of that, it's really easy to shoot here. The people are lovely. They're very supportive of the film community.

"There's a real depth and pool of talent here. There are a lot of people who have left Scotland that couldn't find work up here and went down to London and were happy to come back to Scotland and work closer to home to do a production like ours.

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