Monday, November 9, 2015

Outlander Season 2: Will Future Episodes Follow Books?

By: Kazem Sedighzadeh,

“Outlander” season 2 is underway, and fans have some serious expectations for the next installment of their favorite show. While it was originally believed that there would be some disappointing developments in the new season that are going to potentially turn some fans away, more recent rumors have been painting the situation in a different light, and it’s becoming quite apparent now that the producers of “Outlander” definitely want to retain the high fan interest in the show and they aren’t going to take any risky turns just yet.

At the same time, the second season may feature a few controversial scenes that could be taken differently by some parts of the audience, but the rumors about those scenes have been generating enough hype that they would probably be justified just by the amount of attention they are drawing to the show.

Brianna could show up in the new season of the show as well, and she could even get to meet her father, further adding to the interest of some fans towards the show. It’s worth noting that there have been numerous rumors about Brianna in particular, and everything about the character should be taken with a grain of salt as she’s still the subject of a lot of speculation. If the writers really are planning to introduce her in season 2, then they are probably preparing something more dramatic for her, so fans may want to brace for a surprise.

Fans who’ve read “Dragonfly in Amber”, the original book that the show was based on in the first place, might recall that this changes the direction of the story somewhat and it’s not the kind of development that everyone was expecting. If we really do see Brianna in the new season, according to most fans, we should probably prepare to see more changes to the plot as well, and it’s not clear where this will end and how much the writers are planning to deviate from the original story.

Of course, it’s pretty rare for a show based on a book to retain the original story entirely, and there are often changes – minor and major – that make the story more suitable for a screen adaptation. It’s not rare for these changes to be controversial among fans of the original work who were hoping to see the same story retold on the screen, but they are often necessary in order to make the story more appropriate for this format.

Because, no matter how good that story might be on paper, it doesn’t always translate so well to a screen adaptation, and sometimes the producers of a show based on a book (or series of books) have to go quite far in what they are changing in order to keep the story fresh and interesting. Because of this, fans of “Outlander” are expecting to see some rather drastic difference sin season 2 if some of the rumors about the show turn out to be true.


We’ll have to wait and see how things are going to go when season 2 airs – for now, there is plenty of time until that happens, and this gives fans a good opportunity to discuss what they expect to see in the new season in as much detail as they want. It’s clear that fans of “Outlander” have some interesting ideas for how they want to see season 2 proceeding, but obviously the producers won’t be able to fit all of those ideas in the new season of the show.

It’s noticeable that they are keeping an eye on online discussions about the production though, as there have been some minor details throughout season one that seemed inspired from some fan discussions, and this has given fans some hope that they are going to see season 2 produced in a similarly sensible way, following the desires of the majority of fans.

It’s also interesting to note that some fans of the show seem to not only agree with the idea of deviating from the original story line somewhat, but they even have their own ideas for how that could play out with the best possible results.

And then there are those fans who aren’t even familiar with the book in the first place, who probably won’t even care too much about the kinds of changes that will be introduced that will be adeviation from the original plot.

For them, this is just an exciting show with some interesting twists and turns in its plot that make it a very good way to pass the time. It has a huge potential to evolve even further into a TV classic, and hopefully its producers are going to reap that potential and push the show as far as it can possibly go.

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