Sunday, November 22, 2015

Outlander Nominated for Five Woman's Image Awards!

Congratulations to Anne Kenney, Caitriona Balfe, Anna Foerster and Toni Graphia on their Women's Image Awards nominations!

Anne Kenney for Outlander:  Best Writing, The Wedding

Caitriona Balfe for Outlander: Best actress, The Garrison Commander

Anna Foerster for Outlander: Best Direction, The Wedding

Toni Graphia for Outlander: Best Writing, The Devil's Mark

Outlander: Drama Series, The Garrison Commander 

About Women's Image Network (WIN)
& The WIN Awards

"WIN works in concert with research, media advocacy and program implementation to promote gender parity. By celebrating dimensional female media images at The WIN Awards, WIN advances its mission to see women attain social and economic equality.

The WIN Awards (the women's image awards) are an international juried awards show that encourages men and women to create dimensional female media images. By drawing attention and viewers to witness important and entertaining media, we encourage people to value, respect and honor women and girls.The WIN Awards

The WIN Awards show is a one of a kind international media event which gathers film and television writers, producers, directors, actors and others. In addition to honoring illustrious individuals whose work promotes gender parity, The WIN Awards also celebrate dozens of nominated films, shows, directors, writers, actors and producers whose work has been submitted to its jury and which has been nominated in 15 categories.

The WIN Awards celebrate both men and women in the media who promote gender parity through both their creativity and leadership. According to WIN founder, actress and producer, Phyllis Stuart, “We produce The WIN Awards so that women and girls will achieve social and economic parity. The media is a most potent tool to advance gender parity. Because if women and girls are portrayed well in the media, girls and women everywhere may one day be well-treated".

While historically The WIN Awards were presented only to invited individuals, in 2002 television broadcasters and film studios began submitting their outstanding work to The WIN Awards be adjudicated on a competitive basis by an illustrious and professional entertainment industry jury. Today, The WIN Awards show has grown into an international juried show with work evaluated based on both artistic excellence and on its ability to forward WIN’s mission: “To Foster a World Where Everyone WINs®”

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