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‘Outlander’: 3 Reasons Why We’re Excited To See Alex Randall In Season 2

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STARZ has announced that Laurence Dobiesz has landed the role of Alex Randall and will be appearing in "Outlander" season two.

Black Jack Randall played by Tobias Menzies and Laurance Dobiesz as his brother, Alex Randall (photos courtesy of Starz/Jonathan Arun Limited Talent Agency)
Alex Randall is the younger brother of the infamous Black Jack, and, as fate would have it, he winds up meeting Claire Fraser, notes The Wrap.

If you're a fan of "Outlander," then check out our list of the three reasons why we're excited to see Alex Randall appear in season two.

Tobias Menzies and Caitriona Balfe as Frank and Claire Randall (Photo: STARZ/Facebook)

3. He's A Foil For Black Jack Randall

Unlike his monster of a brother, Alex is a kind young man who works as a curator and a secretary for the Duke of Sandringham.

Alex will act as a foil to Black Jack. He is known for his gentle heart and his unwillingness to do harm. Alex will be a subtle reminder to viewers about Black Jack's capacity for cruelty.

2. Alex Randall Is An Interesting Character
Although Alex is not a main character in "Outlander," he's still a fascinating figure in the series. Not only is he the antithesis of his older brother, but Alex winds up falling in love with a friend of Claire's named Mary Hawkins.

Their love story has important repurcussions for the Randall family that even reach all the way into the 1940s to affect Claire's first husband, Frank.

1. Alex Brings Out A Different Side Of Black Jack

Although Black Jack Randall has done many despicable acts in "Outlander" season one, and is indirectly responsible for the death of Jamie Fraser's father, he does care about his little brother.

Alex's presence and tragic love story brings out a different side of Black Jack and allows viewers to get a glimpse of the man he could have been.

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