Monday, November 30, 2015

25 Reasons We Love Sam!

By Hilary Wardle, BuzzFeed Staff UK

Turns Out Sam Heughan Is Pretty Damn Amazing On Instagram The Scottish actor’s selfie game is braw and michty!

Sam Heughan’s Outlander character Jamie Fraser probably wouldn’t be very good at Instagram.

He’s always far too busy taking off his shirt next to open fires. Plus he was born in 1721, and there was very little 4G coverage back then.

But in real life Sam is silly, playful, and up for anything.

People TV

He even manages to smile when confronted by shockingly bad caricatures of himself. What a trooper.

1. He shows off his fun side on his Instagram account, which he created back in 2012.

He wasn’t as well known as he is now, though he had done enough acting work to put together this pretty impressive showreel.
2. He posted for the first time on his 32nd birthday.
3. And went on to share fun, casual photos of nights out with friends…

Mojitos ftw.

4. …cute holiday selfies…

This was taken underground in a Roman cemetery. As you do.

5. …and fun moments like the time he lost his mind when he saw the Breaking Bad RV on a trip to L.A.

Anyone for an Outlander / Breaking Bad crossover?
6. Not to mention plenty of running photos.

Usually for charity because hello, he’s amazing.
7. He really does love to run.
He’s one #toughmudder.

8. And when he isn’t running, he’s casually strolling up big mountains.

Like Ben Arthur.

9. And his outdoorsy ways mean that he’s got plenty of stunning Scottish landscape shots to share.

That’s one sexy moor.

10. The fact that the account was created long enough ago to show his rise to fame is particularly adorable. This is his very first fan letter.
“Dear Sam, I hope you are doing good.”

11. These days, he has an entire fan club.

They’re called the Heughligans, and they’re awesome too.

12. They send him presents.

There’s definitely an upside to fame, and it’s giant green cake mountains.

13. And serenade him with bagpipes at Comic-Con.

14. Why follow him? Well firstly, he’s pretty funny.

“Lesson of the day: Don’t put washing up liquid in your dishwasher.”

15. And pretty entertaining.

“Hey, where did I park my space shuttle?”

16. Also – let’s be honest – he’s also pretty pretty.
17. And his selfie game is strong.

18. Plus he’s got a habit of taking off his shirt.

And literally no one is complaining. #tapsaff

19. He’s proud of his heritage and country.

Look how excited he was to find a Scottish pub in Norway.

20. He’s got a sense of adventure and loves to travel.

Chile, 2013.

21. He’s a happy person with a contagious smile.

22. Seriously, just look how smiley he is.

23. So smiley
24. You’d have to be crazy not to follow him.
25. In short, we love you, Sam…

26. …even though you put eggs in your beer.

Hilary Wardle is the Scotland editor and is based in Edinburgh.